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Gilsbar 360° Alliance


Gilsbar has built a thought-leading service model that drives change by decreasing healthcare costs through a focus on proactive health & lifestyle management. 360° Benefit Plan Management® removes the barriers to controlling healthcare costs by providing employers with the tools to continually engage their employees and create a culture of health. 

As powerful as the 360° Benefit Plan Management approach has proved for employers, we've amplified the model to now include the Gilsbar 360° Alliance which will change the way medical providers, employers, and employees evaluate and utilize PPO networks.

We're building a network that gives providers and employers the opportunity to truly work together. Providers want to deliver quality clinical outcomes without administrative complexities. Employers want to provide access to affordable care that helps keep their employees healthy and productive. Gilsbar 360° Alliance is the enabler that makes these goals achievable.

Gilsbar 360° Alliance will work with all its might and creativity to contribute to healthcare reform in Louisiana. Our focus on transparency, simplicity and health will have a powerful impact on providers, employers and members throughout our state.

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